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We appreciate our customer’s support, suggestions, and feedback to help us evolve, expand and cover our weak spots; and understanding of the rare situations that something wrong might happen out of hand and we hope those situations does not change the opinion of our customers in our service.

By using Yoppia.com, you are consenting to the practices described in this Terms & Conditions.

References in this Privacy Policy to “we”“our” or “us” (or similar) are references to Yoppia.com. References to “user” or “you” (or similar) are references to you as an individual or legal entity as the case may be.

It is the customer’s responsibility to read and check our Terms & Conditions regularly and before placing an order to check for any kind of change that occurs to Terms & Conditions and by placing an order customer understand and accept every Term and Condition or any change that occurs to them.

  • We do not accept special orders.
  • We mostly do not reveal any information about upcoming products.
  • We do not reserve products, selling is by purchase order precedence.
  • Sealed products are sold as-is and can not be opened before payment, Seal is a part of the product’s value and pricing.
  • Products with a Packaging Condition or variations are sold as-is and can not be returned for this reason, Condition is a part of the product’s value and pricing and customers must be aware of product Conditions or variations and by placing an order customer understand and accept these Terms & Conditions.


Yoppia.com does not sell products for purchase by children. We sell children’s products for purchase by adults. Yoppia.com is not intended for individuals under the age of (18). If you are under the age of (18) you may use Yoppia.com only with the involvement of a parent or guardian.

Parents or the guardian are fully responsible for orders placed by their children under the age of (18) and their actions, and it is their responsibility to make sure that the content of the products is suitable for their children, by this we hold no responsibility for any purchases’ content or any other matter related to the purchase process.


Prices vary according to factors including:

  • The manufacturer’s suggested retail price.
  • The current value in the market.
  • International shipping and customs clearance fees.
  • Item condition.
  • Packaging condition.
  • Any other condition or variation mentioned on the product page.

This means prices may change (go up or down) according to these factors.

Products Grading

We care about our customers’ opinions and their desires to get their orders up to their expectations so we put products grading, quality and packaging condition thus we will never lie about the originality of our products and will always give detailed information about products and packaging conditions as much as we can.

Some of our products are brought from overseas – all the way across the world so some factors control products’ conditions like international shipping and customs clearance process which makes it hard for us to control those factors and hard to get fully mint packaging.

Used products will go through the same selling standards the same as new products and will be inspected and given a condition/variation the same as new products, and it will be mentioned if the product is used.

  • Genuine and legitimate products: They are mostly purchased from an authorized and trusted sources.
  • No branding, high copy or bootleg products and products without brands will be referred to as a Generic Brand/Item.
  • No grade: Some products grading are not important unless we have a different type, material, size or color; but if you see or believe that a condition or grading is important for you to place your order you may reach out through our contacting channels assistance.

 For more information kindly visit Products Grading to view the full guide.

Defective items

An item with a manufacturing defect, defect does not include minor paint variations but include damage that affects the overall state of the product, hand-painted products might have minor paint variations companies like Funko, Hot Toys, and other companies does not consider these as defects, these items have passed Quality Control (QC) and have been deemed fit for retail markets across the globe. If you have a particular issue with the quality of items, please contact Brands companies through their website to provide that feedback.


  • We reserve all the rights to change shipping rates according to the order’s volume and price if we found it over our or carrier’s limitations by dividing order over several shipments and contacting customers to confirm shipment fees or division of order before shipping.
  • We ship outside Greater Cairo but it takes time to find a carrier, customer outside Greater Cairo must understand and accept a delay of time of two more days if it happens due to out of hand situations, In case the order will be delayed more or order is lost in the way to the customer we will contact the customer.
  • Customers must provide detailed information like address, full name, and two available phone numbers to minimize the chances of shipping mistakes.
  • Customers must be ready to answer or call back the carrier on delivery day.
  • Customers pay for shipping Forward and Backward in any case that requires shipping.

Forward: From our warehouse to your doorstep.

Backward: From your doorstep to our warehouse.

  • In case you received your order but refused to accept it you must pay for delivery frees and by placing an order you agree to this condition, otherwise, you will be placed on our blacklist.

All third party links or shared videos or embedded links, codes, and videos copyright credit to their owners or copyrights clarified on their source sites and follows their terms & conditions, privacy policy and terms of collecting data and we have no part on it or taking any part in it and not responsible for any of them; by surfing or placing an order on Yoppia.com you understand this rule and you are consenting it.
For more information kindly visit our privacy policy.


We may update these Terms & Conditions from time to time in order to reflect, for example, changes to our practices or for other operational, legal, or regulatory reasons.

If you have questions and/or require more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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