N8 Ultra Smart Watch 49mm Wireless Charging

  • Stay connected on-the-go with the N8 Ultra Smart Watch
  • Features phone dialing and mobile notifications
  • Exercise recording and sleep monitoring capabilities
  • Wireless charging for added convenience
  • Supports both Arabic and English languages
  • Sleek and stylish 49mm design

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N8 Ultra Smart Watch functions:

Phone dialing: connect to call Bluetooth, dial from the watch, you can make a call on the watch side; there are contacts and call records in the dial interface, and frequently used contacts need to add settings in the APP.

Message: This function needs to be connected to the “Wearfit PRO app on the mobile phone to query the third-party program messages that set the message notification.

Sleep monitoring: N8 Ultra Smart Watch will record your sleep duration and quality from 9 o’clock every night to 9 o’clock the next morning to help you better adjust your work and rest time and improve sleep quality.

Stress: N8 Ultra Smart Watch Supports stress monitoring, by monitoring the user’s 24-hour pressure change, using scientific algorithms to display the pressure through the chart, so that customers can adjust their own state at any time; 1-29 is relaxed, 30-59 is normal, 60-79 is medium, and 80-99 higher.

Mett: Support the function of Mett, convert all daily exercise into Mett value and display it on the N8 Ultra Smart Watch and APP, record the energy metabolism equivalent of one week of exercise, and form a visual chart to let customers know their exercise more clearly.

Heart rate monitoring: Wear the N8 Ultra Smart Watch, the best place to wear it is the wrist bone above the arm, you can monitor the real-time heart rate value, the normal value of the average person is 60-90 beats/min. Click start on the heart rate interface, the value will be measured after about 20-30 seconds, and the detection will stop after 60 seconds, and the value will be the heart rate value when the detection was stopped.

Blood pressure: When testing, please lay your hands flat, the blood pressure value will be displayed within one minute. Blood oxygen: enter the blood oxygen function, press start to enter the test, the normal blood oxygen saturation is about 94-99%. Outdoor sports: a variety of outdoor sports, you can monitor your exercise data more accurately, at the same time heart rate monitoring will be turned on, and stop or pause options can be set on the exercise mode interface.

Countdown: Turn on this function to set the countdown time by yourself, and turn on the countdown.

Indoor exercise: A variety of indoor exercises can monitor your exercise data more accurately. At the same time, the heart rate monitoring will be turned on, and the option of stopping or pausing can be set on the exercise mode interface.

Exercise record: Pull up to view the number of steps you walked, calorie consumption and walking distance on the day. At 12 every night, the data of the day will be saved and reset to zero.

Bluetooth camera: You need to enter the camera function in the APP, shake N8 Ultra Smart Watch back and forth several times to remotely control the camera.

Bluetooth music: After connecting and calling Bluetooth, you can play and control the music in the phone.

Calculator: You can perform simple calculations.

Stopwatch: Turn on this function to use the stopwatch function.

Weather: After connecting the mobile phone to synchronize data, you can check the weather of the day.

Settings: Carry out various local settings of this machine, including brightness, rest screen duration, hand-up on screen, do not disturb mode, sound and vibration, language switching, mobile phone QR code connection, watch password, shutdown, factory reset, this machine Information etc.

Breath training: Turn on this function to perform breathing training.

Alarm clock, watch face push and customization, payment code and friend’s business card, health reminder settings, common contact settings, message notification settings, find bracelets, etc. can be set in the APP.

How to set up message notifications on N8 Ultra Smart Watch:

Mobile phone enters settings-application management, find “Wearfit PRO-permission management, open all. Then enter the notification management-find all the permissions of “Wearfit PRO” to open. Permission to run in the background, enter, select unlimited. return.

You will be prompted to open the auto-start and enter the open. Return, select the APP message notification you want, and click Open. IOS terminal can open the sharing system notification in the mobile phone settings-Bluetooth-connected Bluetooth settings;

Note: If the computer version of the selected APP is online, the mobile phone does not receive information notifications, and N8 Ultra Smart Watch will not remind you.

NFC Function:

1. Card package: N8 Ultra Smart Watch can copy the information of the physical access control card to the watch chip by simulating the NFC access control card, so that the watch can be used as a key.

2. Open the [NFC Card Pack] on the APP: click [Add Card]; click to select [Door Card]; paste the door card on the nfc induction area of the screen; display the card reading, do not move the access card during the card reading; the card reading is successful, The default setting name of the watch is the door card

N8 Ultra Smart Watch comes with NFC function. The sensing area is located in the center of the screen, which is equivalent to a blank access card. You only need to copy the access card information to have the corresponding access card function, which is convenient for travel. Multiple access cards can be superimposed (support IOS “Shortcut instructions” recognition function on the mobile phone);

How to use: such as an access card, you can find the property personnel to swipe the corresponding access card into the NFC of the watch to have this function; some Android phones record the access card, and you can also transcribe the access card in the phone into the NFC of the watch through NFC.

Common Troubleshooting:

1. N8 Ultra Smart Watch cannot be turned on: the time to press the power button is too short, which takes more than 3 seconds; the battery power is too low, please use the charging stand to charge;

2. N8 Ultra Smart Watch cannot be charged normally: Whether the charging contacts are in normal contact with the watch and whether the charger is normal; when the battery is too low, it will take a while to charge before the charging interface will be displayed;

3. Software problems can be restored by restoring the factory function;


1. The measurement results of this product are for reference only, not for any medical purpose or basis. Please follow the doctor’s instructions and never make self-diagnosis and treatment based on the measurement results.

2. This product supports waterproof and dustproof, and it cannot be used for deep diving and long-term soaking in water. In addition, this product is not resistant to hot water, because water vapor will affect the hand ring.

3. The company reserves the right to modify the contents of this manual without any notice. Some functions are different in the corresponding software version, which is normal.

4. NFC access control cards only support the simulation of access control cards currently on the market that are not encrypted and have a frequency of 13.56MHZ. Encrypted access control cards can only be used when you bring your watch to the access control card issuing unit to enter the system.


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